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Our Story

How it All Began

Uncle Cheesecake is a custom cheesecake bakery that was started in 2015. It was an opportunity that fell in my lap. It all started by me doing favors for friends. In 2012, I originally set out to create the perfect cheesecake recipe for my personal use, being as though cheesecake was my favorite dessert. After trying a lot of different internet recipes and finding none that I'd fell in love with, I decided to come up with my own from scratch. This was no easy process. After very many mediocre cakes over a span of about 2 years I finally found what I considered to be the perfect cheesecake recipe.

The Experiment

After I finally figured out the perfect recipe, I started making cheesecakes for any event I would attend or whenever friends would come over to hang out. It became a hit with everyone who tried it and soon became the thing that everyone always wanted to have when I would come around. I would often times be told that I ruined store bought cheesecake. Friends began to spread the word and they would say "I know a guy who makes cheesecakes". At this time I began experimenting with different flavors and coming up with random things all on social media so all my friends could see them and they would show there friends. That turned into friends asking me to make these cheesecakes for them and people kept coming back. So I finally put up a post saying that I was selling them on my social media account (not completely serious about it) and people were excited. It just so happened that a lot of people were waiting on me to start selling my cakes. That was WAYY be fore I became "Uncle Cheesecake"!!!

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is '' How did you come up with the name Uncle Cheesecake".  Well it's a named that kind of just happened/ just came to me. I was "the guy who made cheesecakes" for a long time. After realizing that I was going to take my baking more serious, I figured that I needed a name for the company. Someone was already calling me Uncle cheesecake. One of my close friends had a beautiful daughter named Brooklyn. My friend would often bring Brooklyn around and I would play with her and hold her. As she was growing up he would hand her to me, and say " go to Uncle Cheesecake". That became something that my girlfriend, his wife and he would always say. At that time I didn't think  much of it then. Nor did I realize it would be exactly who'd I become, Brooklyn's Uncle Cheesecake!!!